Monday, August 2, 2010

Recipe for Disaster

Burnt Offering

Sometimes you start a dish out and it turns all wrong.  One of the first times that happened to me was when Ilene and I made a Pizza Casserole out of the "More With Less" cookbook in the late 70s.  It tasted great, but looked like emesis in a pan.  Chucked it in the garbage can, boy howdy!

Another time was when I made "Orange Carrot Soup" for a group of friends out of "Bon Appetit".  I highly recommend the meals in Bon Appetit.  They make great dinners for company.  A nice, cohesive theme, often with stuff that you can make a day ahead.  All except the "Orange Carrot Soup".  Chucked it down the drain, boy howdy!

My lastest in this line of recipes was made yesterday.  It is as follows...

4 pounds of free range, grass fed, humane killed chuck roast (read expensive)
6 ounces of Homemade espresso BBQ
Hickory Wood Chunks
1 Onion, thinly sliced

1.  Smoke the Chuck Roast with the Hickory Wood for 6 to 8 hours, making sure that you don't pay any attention to the temperature readings on the smoker.

2.  Take the meat off the smoker, notice that it isn't done inside and put in refrigerator because it is late and you are tired.

3.  Next morning, put underdone beef in crockpot, add 6 ounces (not enough) Homemade BBQ sauce and thinly sliced onion and turn to low.  Cover with ill fitting lid.  Cook for 6 hours until completely dried out and the sauce is burnt. 

The sauce should look like this:

(Backgound Information alert:  You met Lucky during the last post.  He loves meat.  Just saying...)

Now, here is the blog's first video photography... where I put together thousands of photos to create a stop motion movie...

Be sure to scroll fast to get the full effect.

If you have a halfway decent computer, you will see Lucky simply devour the very good tasting, perfectly prepared beef.  Any other impression you may garner might be due to the fact that you have an inadequate computer and probably need to get a new one.


  1. Hysterical Dan! I'm so bummed about that beef. It sounded delicious.
    We're going to be consuming the last of the Kathy crepes tomorrow night (I've been saving them for a rainy day). Which made me wonder if we're ever going to see you make crepes on here....

  2. I'm still not sure that I am willing to go up against Kathy in a crepe throwdown. Maybe when i am off on a day that she works, I'll get a little practice in to perfect my technique... not there's any competition between us... I just want to annihilate!!!